Detached Housing Sales In Winnipeg


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The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board has just released it’s MLS stats for March.  While sales and listings are on the increase when compared to the previous month, they still lag well behind the craziness of 2022.

In March we saw a total of 1,014 MLS sales in total, which is down from the over 1400 in March last year, and also down from the 5 yr average, which sits at 1300 sales for that one month.

Winnipeg Detached Housing Sales - March 2023The largest difference is in the sales and prices of stand-alone houses, called detached homes.  Sales in March of 698 homes is down 28% from the same time last year, and 21% lower than the 5 yr average.

As for prices, the average detached home sold for $386,800, which is down 12% from the average last year, which sat at $439.900.

Active listings in this type of home are up over double from last year.

Winnipeg Detached Housing Sales - March 2023

So definitely the bright spot here is for home buyers:  More than double the numbers of available listings, prices have gone down 12% and fewer competing buyers in the market.

All this means that right now we are in a much more buyer-friendly market here in Winnipeg.


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Come back tomorrow when we’ll dive into the attached homes and condo market stats for the month.


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