7 Top Costly House-Hunting Mistakes To Avoid


It’s easy to make mistakes when buying a home. Emotions, lack of time, and the pressure of making a big decision can cause you to overlook crucial details about a home.  Below we detail the 7 main house-hunting mistakes that you should avoid when looking for a house!

Keep reading if you want to be prepared to face one of the most important decisions of your life.

Trying to search on your own

Searching online
While it’s tempting, searching for a home on your own is a top house-hunting mistake

Trying to look for a house without relying on help from an estate agency can lead to misconceptions. 

The majority of people believe that they will have to pay a commission but that is not the case, at least not in the case of certain estate agents such as Home Menorca, where only the seller pays the commission. Therefore, as a buyer, you can make the most of legal and administrative advice in order to carry out a comfortable and safe transaction. Being able to take advantage of the extensive knowledge of a professional agency specialized in the market is a great advantage that we should never ignore.

Looking out of your budget

Stay in your budget
One of the top house-hunting mistakes is not sticking to your budget

It’s just as important knowing what kind of property you are looking for as it is knowing what you can afford. It might happen that you have fallen in love with that duplex on the top floor in your city’s most modern building, but perhaps you have not done the numbers to know if it falls within your means. In addition to calculating the amount that you must allocate to pay taxes, purchase and sale expenses and a deposit –mortgages for first homes do not usually exceed 80% of their price-, you must take into account other payments inherent to the purchase.

The mortgage payment is the classic but, along with it, so are the community fees, the home insurance, the utility bills (water, electricity, gas, internet…), the expense to condition the housing to your liking such as furniture or painting and taxes… Calculating all this will allow you to lower or expand your search expectations.

Not being open to all possibilities 

It is important to have an open mind and not be too fussy when it comes to deciding the fundamental requirements for our ideal home. There are many properties with a lot of potential that we may discard, that in fact with a few retouches could be our dream home. It’s not uncommon to overlook the potential that many second hand homes have to offer. 

Not having a previously approved mortgage

talking with your mortgage broker
Not being pre-approved is one of the house-hunting mistakes

In such a competitive market it is important to be prepared and do the right paperwork on time, to be able to be the first to make a successful offer with all the possible guarantees.   It is ideal to have your mortgage already approved before beginning to look for a house, although it is possible to do it having already started the process.

To obtain a mortgage, it is necessary to apply and have all the necessary paperwork related to your income, debts, credit history, etc. A mortgage assessor (broker) will verify all of your documents and will inform you on how much they are able to loan you. 

Just thinking in short term

Another of the first-timer house-hunting mistakes when looking for a home is not thinking in the long term. A house, in most cases, is a commitment for many years.  You must make sure that your house meets the requirements that will be necessary in your future life project. If you plan to have children, you should consider having more rooms.

It will also affect you when choosing an area to live.  Thinking ahead will save you a lot of money and may save you the hassle and expense of selling this house to move to another house in a few years.

Being impulsive 

Looking for a house is not something that you should rush into. In fact, a lack of patience may complicate your search and compromise its success. The same can happen if you are impulsive. 

The experts in the sector use all kinds of resources to try and captivate potential buyers: from a catchy advert to attractive home staging. This is why it is important to really take the time to  analyze if what you are seeing is what you need or what you are looking for. 

Failing to do a home inspection

House-Hunting Mistakes To Avoid house-hunting mistakes
One of the more serious house-hunting mistakes to avoid: not getting an inspection

When taking the step of buying a house, if you apply for a mortgage, they will come to carry out an appraisal of the property to find out its real value. It is a mistake to think that this is enough to know the state of the property. The best thing you can do to protect your investment is to verify that the condition of the house is optimal. It is very important to know the condition of the home to know if it requires renovations or repairs.

Obviously, no one wants additional expense in repair bills on top of their mortgage.

You must take care of scheduling the inspection yourself. It is usually scheduled after an offer has been made, but before the purchase closes. The inspector will inform you of any problems with the roof, plumbing, electrical system, or other reputable items.

An inspection lets you know what’s wrong with the home so you can decide whether to close the deal, negotiate with the seller, or give up and look for another home.

Conclusion of House-Hunting Mistakes

Do not rush when buying a house. It’s always better to slow things down so a decision can be made thoroughly and considering all possible options.  Do you need help buying your ideal home? Contact us, we can advise you personally and without obligation. 

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