Forgotten Aspect Of Home Staging ; The Smell


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Today is National Bucket List Day and Pics in a blanket Day


Today, let’s talk a little about home staging.  When hearing the word, a lot of people might envision a long, involved process, including movers, decorators and stagers.

In reality, even a few touch ups and clean ups can make a huge impact.

Over the next few days we’ll look at several areas where a little diy and elbow grease will go a long way to make a great first impression.

For today, I’ll focus on an often forgotten aspect of staging….  Offensive odours:

Odours are usually traced to any of 3 sources:  Pet, smoking or cooking.

The problem is that home owners often no longer notice these smells, as they get used to them.

But a non-smoking buyer, for example, will immediately pick up on the distinctive smell of cigarettes or cigars.


I just showed a house that had an overwhelming cat odor it was like a punch in the face stepping into the home.

Adding to the problem is the fact that many listing agents just don’t feel comfortable addressing this issue head-on.  How do you tell a home seller that their home has offensive odors?  Doing so might cause the owner to go with a different agent, one who is more effusive and complimentary and tells the seller just how beautiful their home is.


Take it from me…..  offensive odors can cost you serious money in lost offers, and lowball offers.


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